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Of concern here, is the other distractions that arise, such as that car alarm that keeps going off in the distance, or the bark of the neighbor's dog. These sorts of incidents can dis tract y our attention f rom t he observ ance of your thoughts. Whi le such occurrences are not within your ability to control, your resp onse t o t hem is within y our control. So, y ou m ust lea rn how t o quickly dismiss t hese di stractions a nd ref ocus y our atten tion to the task at hand. At first this may be difficult, but with persistent practice, your ability to refocus will becom e so q uick and absol ute that such e xternal events will no longer distract; or rather, the distraction will be so brief that it will not interrupt your practice.

Simply put, it is the energy that we each express through our accumulated thoughts and emotions. At the mental level, it is our attitude and t he qual ity/quantity of ou r i deas, seen by how they influence others -- in other w ords, their emanation. In astral term s, the Od is our astral character or emotional composition, again in its emanative phase of influencing our surroundings. As to our physical body, the Od is the vitality we bring to l ife and express thro ugh o ur acti ons. Thu s, o ne with a strong Od is generally outwardly gregarious and active, and on e with a w eak Od is passive and shy.

Probably the f irst que stion tha t ari ses is w hat does he m ean by "Fluid"? By Fluid, Bardon indicates an energy or essenc e that manifests mo- 30 tion and handles in a manner si milar t o w ater. Both Fluids are dynamic things. IIH teaches the student how to manipulate or wield these Fluids, form them i nto w hatever s hape is desired and i mpregnate them w ith a ny corre sponding wish. These two Fluids are the primal polarity and are effective in every plane of existence. The Electric Flu id is the positive, expansive pole and t he Magnetic Fluid is the o pposite negative, contractive pole.

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