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By P. D. Ouspensky

ISBN-10: 0486297012

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Most effective occultist analyzes sure older faculties of concept, of either East and West, connects them with sleek principles and explains them within the gentle of 20th-century discoveries and speculations in physics and philosophy. interesting discussions of relativity, the fourth measurement, Christian symbolism, the tarot, yoga, desires and extra. Stimulating and thought-provoking.

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According to the idea of evolution, everything always proceeds in the same direction. One " accident " corresponds to another. And, moreover, the word " evolution " has no antithesis, although, for instance, dissolution and degeneration cannot be called evolution. The dogmatic meaning which is attached to the word evolution constitutes its most characteristic feature. But this dogmatism has no foundation whatever. On the contrary, there exists no more artificial and feeble idea than that of the general evolution of everything that exists.

To an artist it will appear a mockery of art. And to a philosopher it will appear to be a naïveté based on a lack of understanding of what philosophy is. Let us now try to define the basis of the division of the " four ways " at the present time. Religion is founded on revelation. Revelation is something proceeding immediately from the higher consciousness or higher powers. If there is no idea of revelation, there is no religion. And in religion there is always something unknowable by the ordinary mind and ordinary thinking.

And it has always been so from the earliest times. Men belonging to the esoteric circle, when they appear among ordinary humanity, always wear a mask through which very few succeed in penetrating. Esotericism is remote and inaccessible, but every man who learns of or guesses at the existence of esotericism has the chance of approaching a school or may hope to meet people who will help him and show the way. Esoteric knowledge is based on direct oral tuition, but before a man can attain the possibility of direct study of the ideas of esotericism, he must learn all that is possible about esotericism in the ordinary way, that is, through the study of history, philosophy and religion.

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