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By J. Joseph MD, DSc, FRCOG (auth.)

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Sibson, 1814-76, English physician) which is attached above to the transverse process of the seventh cervical vertebra and inferiorly to the medial border of the first rib. The mediastinal pleura covers the right and left walls of the mediastinum (figures 23, 24). On the right side it is related to the right atrium of the heart in its pericardium. Entering the right atrium from above is the superior vena cava and more superiorly are the right brachiocephalic vein and, arching forwards, the vena azygos which joins the superior vena cava.

The right coronary artery lies in the coronary sulcus and the anterior interventricular artery in the anterior interventricular sulcus. The pulmonary trunk passes upwards from the right ventricle. To its right and behind it the ascending aorta passes upwards and slightly to the right. The notched right auricle (auris = ear, latin) pro(b) ASCENDING AORTA LEFT AURICLE ANTERIOR INTERVENTRICULAR SULCUS RIGHT ATRIUM RIGHT VENTRICLI LEFT VENTRICLE CORONARY SULCUS LEFT PULMONARY VEINS RIGHT PULMONARY VEINS CORONARY SULCUS LEFT VENTRICLE INFERIOR VENA CAVA APEX OF HEART INFERIOR VENA CAVA POSTERIOR INTERVENTRICULAR SULCUS Figure 32 (a) The anterior surface and (b) the posterior surface of the heart.

The breast extends upwards and laterally into the axilla, the axillary tail, which may pierce the deep fascia. The Structure of the Breast. The breast of a nulliparous woman consists mainly of fat. This varies in quantity and the size of a breast does not indicate its secretory potential. The glandular tissue is in the form of about 15 radially arranged lobes embedded in the fat (figure 12). For this reason a breast abscess should be incised radially. The duct of each lobe is enlarged to form the lactiferous sinus before narrowing and opening on to the nipple.

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