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Using dyes and finishes has an important impression at the aesthetic charm and performance of technical textiles. Drawing on key learn, Advances within the dyeing and completing of technical textiles information very important advances during this box and their variety of functions. half one stories advances in dyes and colourants, together with various sensible dyes, the consequences they are often used to create and laws regarding their use. half is going directly to examine completing ideas, similar to using enzymes, nanotechnology and speciality polymers.

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The aza coumarin (Fig. 5 Coumarin dyes. © Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2013 Types of functional dye for technical textile applications 61 substitution pattern can be exploited to give highly red-shifted coumarins, including brilliant blue dyes. The fused ring heterocyclic coumarin analogue in Fig. 5o is reported to give a bright fluorescent orange suitable for dyeing polyester as well as plastics [175, 176]. A differently fused coumarin analogue (Fig. 5q) gives a fluorescent greenish-yellow with higher heat stability and moderate lightfastness [177].

12h) is a structurally more complex dye providing a bright greenish-yellow color on hydrophobic substrates. The fused quinoxaline derivative in Fig. 12g is claimed to be a fluorescent dye [292]. The fused benzimidazole derivative in Fig. 12h [293], and 1,7-diazaperylene, Fig. 12i [294–295], are interesting fluorescent dye structures. 7 Future trends Fire-retardant finishes are given by using phosphorus chemicals. Dyes having fire-retarding properties were known in the reactive range containing acid-fixing phosphonic acid residues.

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