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Is the near-death event a security mechanism of the mind or have humans truly been at the threshold of one other global? Colin Wilson assesses the facts that includies mediumship, paranormal task, spirit sightings, and spirit communications. specially, he contains the amazing case histories of people that declare to have "died, " and said their reviews of the afterlife.

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3: Invasion of the Spirit People Catherine Crowe’s Night Side of Nature. Kerner’s Seeress of Prevorst. How Kerner came to accept that Friederike Hauffe was a genuine ‘seeress’. Out-of-the-body experience of a banker. Jung-Stilling’s story of travelling clairvoyants. Mrs Crowe on hypnosis. Volgyesi’s evidence for ‘battle of wills’. Does hypnosis involve a mental force? Why the Victorians were sceptical about ‘the occult’. Feuerbach and the new religion of atheism. The haunting of Willington Mill.

What are we to make of all this? Both Crabtree and Van Dusen insist that they try to function solely as observers, implying that the reader can choose which explanation he prefers — spirits or the unconscious mind. But we have seen that Van Dusen is inclined to wonder why, if the ‘lower order’ is merely the patient’s unconscious, they should show such consistent hostility to religion. And how can we explain the following story from Crabtree’s book? An acquaintance of Crabtree’s called Pat was invited by a girlfriend to spend a weekend at her grandparent’s farm.

He points out that most of the cases that have been studied involve schizophrenics, and says: ‘They converse, threaten, curse, criticise, consult, often in short sentences. They admonish, console, mock, command, or sometimes simply announce everything that’s happening. They yell, whine, sneer, and vary from the slightest whisper to a thunderous shout. Often the voices take on some special peculiarity, such as speaking very slowly, scanning, rhyming, or in rhythms, or even foreign languages. There may be one particular voice, more often a few voices, and occasionally many …’ The voices described by Crabtree do not sound in the least like this bewildering babble; they apparently conversed like any normal person.

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