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21–32 Example 3: Exs. 33–39 Example 4: Exs. 40–42 Example 5: Exs. 43–46 6 Chapter 1 21. 9 ϩ p when p ϭ 11 1 22. ᎏᎏ ϩ t when t ϭ 2 2 b 23. ᎏᎏ when b ϭ 14 7 d 24. ᎏᎏ when d ϭ 36 12 25. (4)(n) when n ϭ 5 26. 8a when a ϭ 6 27. 12 Ϫ x when x ϭ 3 28. 9 Ϫ y when y ϭ 8 29. 10r when r ϭ 7 30. 13c when c ϭ 3 18 31. ᎏᎏ when x ϭ 3 x 63 32. ᎏᎏ when k ϭ 9 k Connections to Algebra Student Help 33. DRIVING DISTANCE You are driving across the country at an average speed of 65 miles per hour. Using an appropriate formula, find the distance you travel in 4 hours.

If it does not, you must input the operations in the proper order yourself. USING A CALCULATOR EXAMPLE 4 Use a Calculator Enter the following in your calculator. Does the calculator display 6 or 1? 10 6 2 1 Solution a. If your calculator uses the order of operations, it will display 6. 10 Ϫ 6 Ϭ 2 Ϫ 1 ϭ 10 Ϫ (6 Ϭ 2) Ϫ 1 ϭ (10 Ϫ 3) Ϫ 1 ϭ6 b. If your calculator does not use the order of operations and performs the operations as they are entered, it will display 1. [(10 Ϫ 6) Ϭ 2] Ϫ 1 ϭ (4 Ϭ 2) Ϫ 1 ϭ2Ϫ1 ϭ1 Sports EXAMPLE 5 Evaluate a Real-Life Expression You are playing basketball.

92 21. 24 22. 73 23. 26 24. 54 25. 18 26. 103 27. 06 HOMEWORK HELP Example 1: Exs. 13–19 Example 2: Exs. 19–39 Example 3: Exs. 40–45 Example 4: Exs. 46–51 Example 5: Exs. 52–57 12 Chapter 1 EVALUATING POWERS WITH VARIABLES Evaluate the expression for the given value of the variable. 28. w2 when w ϭ 12 29. b3 when b ϭ 9 30. c4 when c ϭ 3 31. h5 when h ϭ 2 32. n2 when n ϭ 11 33. x3 when x ϭ 5 Connections to Algebra Student Help KEYSTROKE HELP Your calculator may have a key or a key that you can use to evaluate powers.

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