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Everyone pretty well sums up this publication sturdy by means of giving it a five big name rating.. simply learn this publication, its very first-class and for my part the simplest booklet i have learn to date. It fairly attracts you in and its demanding to place me its a very strong book:)!

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Regarding the superphysics of such sightings, Jacques Vallee stated: "Consider what these sightings have in common. In each case the so-called spacecraft did not disappear by moving away, even at high speed. It simply vanished on the spot, or it slowly faded away like the Cheshire cat, sometimes leaving behind a whitish cloud, sometimes also producing the sound of an explosion. In other cases, UFOs have been reported to enter the ground. I hardly need to point out that this behavior is contrary to what physical objects do and quite impossible to duplicate with our current spacecraft technology's The notion that UFOs are metallic, manufactured craft has also been challenged by their ability to change shape while in flight or on the ground.

4 When Charles L. Dodgson, while teaching mathematics at Oxford, but writing as "Lewis Carroll," had Alice go through the looking glass, or fall down a rabbit hole, he was exploiting the wormhole concepts he had gleaned from Georg Riemann's advanced geometry. (We'll explore this shortly) There are some who believe that—theoretically—even time travel could be possible. In 1988, Kip Thorne and Michael Morris of the California Institute of Technology and Ulvi Yurtsever at the University of Michigan suggested that since these wormholes could connect regions that exist in differenttime periods, perhaps some form of time travel might eventually prove possible.

A similar story is found in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Book of Enoch, where the `Watchers,' a group of supernatural beings, lusted after human females and begat giants. "72 While the stories differ in detail, in each case we have the intermingling of extraterrestrial entities with women of the Earth with the production of supernatural offspring! The prevalence of such legends is echoed by Jim Marrs: "As the similarities of widely spread cultures continue to be appreciated, a pattern of common worldwide connections is emerging.

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