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This was an unusual application. Since Cologne had not yet fallen, it was tantamount to a request to accompany the "T" Forces immediately behind the combat units. The Intelligence Division blocked that one. Another thread had been the business collaboration of many years' standing between Baron Kurt von Schroder and a very good friend of Franz von Papen, Gerhardt A. Westrkk. Dr. Westrick was a prominent German lawyer and a member of the law partnership of Albert & Westrick. The senior partner of that firm, Dr.

O. Outwater, president of the Steel Export Association, and William B. Todd, who were to work together with the British group through Mr. Ian F. L. Elliott, representative of Sir Andrew Duncan's British Iron and Steel Federation. Mr. Elliott was to turn up several years later as a representative of the United States on the international control authority for the German Ruhr; but at the time his was just one name among many. More important to us at the moment was the tie-in between Luxembourg and Germany.

The independents, wherever they tried to do business in the rest of the world, would find themselves hemmed in by the "one for ail and all for one" spirit of the cartel members, and by the "difficulties" they would encounter in the form of foreign government regulations and red tape. A little of this experience might make the independents more amenable to "reason" where the organized firms were concerned; and this would be reflected even in their behavior at home. But first, the Big Three had to catch their rabbit.

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