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The 2002 model of the Enochian Dictionary first written within the sixteenth century by means of Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly. This model has been prolonged additional with new information about Dee and Kelly yet now not enough the writer feels to name it a brand new version, extra a 2002 version because it comprises either previous and new now.

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Pointing to Kelly) . . ‘As concerning Alb. ’ ‘ . . ’ ‘You spoke of William Laski and Sir Richard Laski his brother, of which William going into France, and then into Denmark: and his marriage into Poland, came this Albert Laski, now Palatine of Soradia, etc. ‘ . . Those were two pretty men for me to meddle withal. When you set yourselves together, and agree together, I will make all agree together. ’ ‘ . . ’ ‘ . . Hear me what I say. God is the unity of all things. Love in the unity of every Congregation (I mean true and perfect love.

Lasky was a very rich man and he invited Dee, Kelly and their families to return with him to Poland where he told them, they would be very well received. They were uncertain whether to go, as always they were desperately short of money and for some experiments, they would need a bottomless purse. They asked the spirits what was the future for Lasky. The relevant conversation between Dee and Madimi concerning Lasky took place at Mortlake on July 1583 and a part is given below. ’ ‘That sight is perfecter than his .

Remember, it was at Lancaster where Kelly's troubles began by being set in a pillory or having his ears cut off. An illustration of this incident in the churchyard was included in the second edition of an Illustration of the Occult Sciences by Ebenezer Sibley from who the engraving gets it name and many books today still reproduce this engraving. The scene shows a churchyard at midnight, in the background a church and in the foreground, two men are standing within the protection of a magic circle.

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