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By Austin Osman Spare

ISBN-10: 1872189261

ISBN-13: 9781872189260

The final occult writing of Austin Osman Spare, the founding father of Sigil Magic.

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I knew these individuals quite well. But there are abductees I have known longer or worked with in greater depth. If I have chosen not to tell their stories here it is because I could not do justice to the richness of their experiences in a sufficiently clear and concise manner. 36 AB D U CTI O N The sequence of cases reflects generally a kind of progression from simpler stories to more complex multidimensional narratives. The last case suggests what the abduction phenomenon may hold for the transformation of our institutions and collective lives.

The association with UFOs witnessed independently by others while abductions are taking place (which the abductee may not see). ' ALIEN ABDUCTIONS: AN OVERVI EW 29 5. The reports of abductions by children as young as two or three years of age (see Colin in chapter 6). Clearly, no explanation that addresses all of these elements is apparent at the present time. IMPACT AND SEQUELAE OF ABDUCTION EXPERIENCES Needless to say, abductions profoundly affect the lives of those who experience them. These effects are traumatic and disturbing, but they can also be transforming, leading to significant personal change and spiritual growth.

To be paralyzed and taken against one's will by strange beings into a foreign enclosure and subjected to intrusive, rapelike procedures, some of which are especially humiliating to human dignity, is obviously highly disturbing. In this ligh� it is surprising that abductees as a group are not more emotionally troubled than they are. Secon

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