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They feed on the food being digested. This reduces the amount of nutrients people get from their food. A person with many tapeworms might even die of starvation. Botfl ies are one species of fly that parasitizes newborn birds. For botfl ies, timing is everything. Botfl ies deposit their eggs in birds’ nests. The botfly eggs emerge as larvae just after a chick comes out of its egg. Then the botfly larvae burrow into the hatchling’s body. The botfly larvae develop and grow 36 AnimAl huntinG And FeedinG This sphinx moth caterpillar has numerous wasp larvae feeding on its body.

Fruit not only protects the seed in the center, it attracts animals that will eat the fruit and aid in dispersing the seed. A fruit consists of a mass of usually sweet, juicy flesh surrounding a central nut, which has a shell protecting the seed inside. Most fruits are brightly colored. The color of the fruit tells the animals when it is ripe and ready to be eaten. Many animals love to eat fruit. As their name suggests, fruit bats fly through the forest, looking for trees that have the ripest fruit.

Though vampire bats do look frightening, they are among the least harmful of the world’s predators. Like almost all other bats, vampire bats hunt at night. They hunt for warm-blooded animals. Using two hollow, razor-sharp fangs, a vampire bat makes tiny holes in a prey animal’s skin. Then the bat sucks blood until its hunger is satisfied. Most of the time, vampire bats don’t seriously harm their prey. A bat bite rarely, if ever, kills the prey. A prey animal gets a small bite, but it may be harmed only if the bat that bites it carries a disease that it may transmit to the prey.

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