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By R. Gilles

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Animals and Environmental health: Physiological and Biochemical features of version and Ecology, quantity 2 includes the court cases of the 1st convention of the eu Society for Comparative body structure and Biochemistry held in Liège, Belgium, on August 27-31, 1979. The papers discover the body structure and biochemistry of animal variation and ecology and canopy themes starting from amino acid delivery and metabolism in the course of osmotic surprise to the function of natural compounds in osmoregulation in crops and animals.
This quantity is created from 89 chapters and starts with an research of the shipping and metabolism of amino acids lower than osmotic rigidity, by means of a dialogue on phone quantity legislation in remoted center ventricles from the flounder, Platichthys flesus, perfused with anisosmotic media. next chapters specialise in the results of cholinergic medicines at the osmotic fragility of erythrocytes; suggestions of osmoregulation within the fiddler crab Uca pugilator; ionic law within the African catfish Clarias mossambicus in water and air; and environmental and endocrine components controlling osmotic water fluxes in gills of Sarotherodon (tilapia) mossambicus. The impact of seawater version at the phosphatidyl-choline metabolism within the eel is additionally thought of, in addition to evaporative water loss in anuran amphibians.
This booklet can be of worth to zoologists, physiologists, biologists, and biochemists.

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And S. Nilsson (1979b) Submitted for publication. THE RANGE OF VENTILATION MECHANISMS IN FISHES G. M. Hughes Research Unit for Comparative Animal Respiration, University of Bristol, Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UG, England Among the vertebrates there are many different types of ventilatory mechanism, and their range is indicated by the summary given in the table (1) below:Medium Water Water Water Air/water/Air Air Air Respiratory Organ Ventilatory flow at exchange surface Example Gill Continuous (ram-jet), Unidirectional Tuna, Shark Gill + or - Continuous, Unidirectional Trout,Dogfish Gill Tidal Lamprey Suprabranchial Tidal Gourami Chamber Lung Tidal Lungfish,Tetrapods Lung Continuous, Unidirectional Birds It is apparent that fish have a wider range in their basic types of ventilation than is found in the other verebrate groups.

Meded. K. Vlaamse Acad. K l . W e t . 1-16 (1968). (5) K O C H , H . J . , BERGSTROM, E. & EVANS, J . C . Meded. K. Vlaamse Acad. K l . W e t . 28 (11), p . 1 - 2 0 (1966). (6) WESTMAN, K. Annls Acad. Sci. Fenn. S e r . A , IV Bio I. 170, p . 1 - 2 8 (1970). (7) K O C H , H . J . J ^ : Int. Atlantic Salmon Symposium ( M . W . Smith & W . M . ), p . l l l . New York, Int. Atlantic Salmon Foundation, 1973. THE FINE STRUCTURE OF 0 2 Hb BINDING IN ANIMALS: SALMO IRIDEUS W. K. R. Barnikol and O. Burkhard Fhysiologisches Institut der Universitat Mainz, Saarstr.

Fig. d : Influence of temperature on oxygen affinity of the three hemoglobins from Artemia Artemia salina salina L. L. at 25°C. 5. in adult male CONTROL OF BRANCHIAL BLOOD FLOW IN THE ATLANTIC COD, GADUS MORHUA K. Pettersson and S. Nilsson Department of Zoophysiology, University of Goteborg, Sweden Much has been learned about the micro-circulation in teleost gills by the re­ cent introduction of scanning electron microscopy and vascular casting techni­ ques (Gannon et al. 1973, Campbell et al. in preparation, Vogel et al.

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