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By Michael Allaby

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Animals: From Mythology to Zoology starts with an overview of early rules concerning the nature and foundation of animals. Rulers within the historic global stored collections of animals to provoke their viewers and display their energy. The booklet describes a few of these collections in China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome and tells how they built from menageries to fashionable zoos. humans have regularly drawn classes from the habit of animals and the ebook describes a few genuine animals and the “characters” they have been as soon as purported to own. it's yet brief step from there to checklist of wonderful beasts that writers heard approximately from sailors and different viewers to far-off areas of the realm, and in addition to exceptional animals there have been additionally incredible people. From there the publication returns to truth and outlines of the expansion of contemporary zoology and animal category, and of ethology the research of animal habit.

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Akhenaten (ca. ) had a zoo with lions, antelopes, cattle, and a pond probably with fish and aquatic birds. The lions were kept in buildings, the antelopes in pens, and the cattle in an enclosure. . King Solomon maintained herds of cattle, sheep, deer, and horses, as well as flocks of birds. David, Solomon’s father, had formed an alliance with King Hiram (or Huram) of Tyre that continued into Solomon’s reign, and Solomon used that trading agreement to obtain apes and peacocks from Tarshish (Spain).

In , the scholar Ermolao Barbaro (–) published a version in which he claimed to have corrected , errors, but he was not criticizing Pliny, only the copiers. Niccoló Leoniceno (–), a physician and professor of moral philosophy, went much further. He criticized Pliny’s accounts THE DEATH OF PLINY Pliny the Elder was an officer in the Roman army, and at the age of 36 he was made a procurator—an official responsible for collecting taxes, administering money, and in some cases dispensing justice.

Following his release, he did his best to reform the system of government by making it less cruel and corrupt. Wen’s zoo covered , acres ( ha). He called it the Ling-Yu, which means Garden of Intelligence, or Garden for the Encouragement of Knowledge. His garden was walled and it contained deer, antelope, and birds that were possibly peafowl, as well as a pond fi lled with fish. Visitors were meant to contemplate the animals and consider philosophical questions concerning them. The garden had its own keepers and persons to provide veterinary care.

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