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3. C. b. samueli smaller than banksii. Range four isolated populations across inland eastern, central, and western Australia. 4. C. b. graptogyne like samueli, but & JUV with head, upper wing-coverts and underparts more heavily marked with darker yellow. Range isolated in southwestern Victoria and southeastern South Australia; endangered. 5. C. b. naso like samueli, but larger bill; & JUV with head, upper wing-coverts, and underparts more heavily marked yellow. Range extreme southwestern Australia; near-threatened.

Of course, this apparent preference for edge habitats could be due to a greater ease of observation in more open situations. Although generally showing a close association with trees, especially those lining watercourses, parrots that inhabit open country tend to have a broader habitat tolerance than forest-dwelling species, and sometimes become residents or regular visitors in urban parks and gardens. There are some distinctive highland forms, but parrots generally are less common at higher altitudes, and those species that do occur there normally are absent from, or scarce in neighboring lowlands.

Units of geographical distribution of parrots adopted in this book. Parrots are very well represented in the Pacific Distribution and show marked endemism centered on Australia, the predominant land mass, New Guinea, New Zealand, and neighboring islands. Insular forms restricted to one or few islands are prevalent in Polynesia and the Indonesian Archipelago. Lorikeets and cockatoos are restricted entirely to the Pacific Distribution, and there is strong diversity among other parrots. ” In the Afro-Asian Distribution, which extends from Africa and Madagascar east to Indochina, the Malay Peninsula, and the Greater Sunda Islands, parrots are poorly represented and divergence above specific level is slight.

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