Download e-book for kindle: Another Door Opens by Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

By Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

ISBN-10: 0743293673

ISBN-13: 9780743293679

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I should also add here that I believe things are thrown in our paths for a reason, so that we are given the opportunity to reach higher and become better. An extreme tragic yet heroic example of this is the way Todd Beamer and his fellow passengers reacted on Flight 93 during the horrific events of 9/11. It was not accidental that those people were on that particular flight and, in their final moments, saved the lives of thousands by making sure the plane did not reach its intended target. Learn to appreciate the value of the gifts you’ve been given.

I explained to her that these weren’t accidents, she wasn’t just “lucky,” there was energy coming at her from the spirit world that was constantly trying to let her know what she was supposed to be doing until finally Roberta was able to accept that this really was her true path. In this particular case, it was her grandmother, Lois, who had been in vaudeville and knew her granddaughter had the talent to succeed, who had been acting as her spirit guide and directing her until she was able to believe in herself and make it happen.

I didn’t want that kind of power. In fact, I hated it. For a long time, all those fears and that discomfort held me back from accepting what I was really supposed to be doing. Instead, I tried several different businesses. At one point I even opened a restaurant. But every time I tried to get away from my gift, whatever venture I tried turned out to be a disaster — and I also wasn’t happy or fulfilled. If you keep running away from your gift, you’re really just cheating yourself. Still, I worried about “going public,” and it wasn’t really until I appeared on The Maury Show for the first time in December 2001 that I knew I’d made peace with the path I was meant to follow.

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Another Door Opens by Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

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