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Apes—to examine them is to determine a reflect of ourselves. Our shut genetic family members fascinate and unnerve us with their comparable habit and social character. the following, John Sorenson delves into our conflicted dating to the nice apes, which regularly finds as a lot approximately us as people because it does in regards to the apes themselves.            From bonobos and chimpanzees to gibbons, gorillas, and orangutans, Ape examines the various methods those notable animals usually function versions for people. Anthropologists use their habit to assist clarify our basic human nature; scientists make the most of them as topics in biomedical study; and behavioral researchers scan with methods apes emulate us. Sorenson explores the demanding situations to the complicated department among apes and ourselves, describing language experiments, efforts to cross-foster apes by way of elevating them as human teenagers, and the moral demanding situations posed by way of the good Ape venture. in addition, Ape investigates representations of apes in pop culture, rather motion pictures and ads within which apes are usually portrayed as human caricatures, monsters, and clowns.Containing approximately 100 illustrations of apes in nature and tradition, Ape will entice readers attracted to animal-human relationships and an individual curious to understand extra approximately our closest animal cousins, lots of whom teeter near to extinction.

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His party encountered a group of hairy savages who defended themselves against their pursuers, although the Carthaginians killed and skinned three females and brought their trophies home. This murderous response to other apes characterized human ‘An Ape doctor with a Bear Patient’, from the Macclesfield Psalter, c. 1330. 43 behaviour over the centuries. Early sightings blended with ideas about imaginary and monstrous animals and contemporary ideas about apes developed from these images. Classical writers like Aristotle considered apes caricatures of humans: ugly, evil creatures.

Gibbons have received little scientific study and most research seems to have focused on feeding habits. Gibbons live in small groups, travelling in single file through the high forest canopy. Most form monogamous pairs, whose offspring remain with them until adulthood, around nine years. Interactions between these family groups and others seem to be infrequent, possibly because of competition for fruit resources, but this conclusion may partly reflect difficulties of observing these animals. As arboreal animals, gibbons are endangered by loss of habitat through extensive deforestation due to commercial logging, plantations, road construction and encroaching human settlement, but they are also victimized by the international trade in exotic animals as pets.

1862–3). Although primatologists first focused on male behaviour, aggression and dominance, they now have a more sophisticated gender analysis and recognize the importance of family bonds. 29 Hoolock gibbon, from William Jardine’s Natural History of Monkeys (1833). While noting a strong resemblance between humans and other primates, Jardine considered the former ‘infinitely pre-eminent by the high and particular character and power of his mind’. Although they also consume leaves, flowers and insects, gibbons mainly eat fruit and are especially fond of figs; they have an important role as seed dispersers and some fig seeds can germinate only after passing through a gibbon’s body.

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