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By Werner Lierse (auth.)

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2. Gynecoid Pelvis The gynecoid pelvis is the normal one in women. The inlet to the lesser pelvis is round or somewhat oval, the subpubic angle large and the greater sciatic notch wide and deeply excavated. The ischial spine is squat and the sacrum concave. The coccyx does not project very far forward. 3. Android Pelvis The android pelvis has male characteristics. The inlet is somewhat heart-shaped. The largest diameter is at the level of the promontory. The greater sciatic notch is broad and shallow.

With a flat pelvis the superior angle of the rhomboid is obtuse or the superior sides may be flat, so that a triangle is seen instead of a rhomboid. 2. Broad Pelvis A broad pelvis is one in which all measurements exceed the normal by 1-3 cm in roughly similar proportion. Fully symmetrical broadening is very rare. 3. Contracted Pelvis A contracted pelvis may be: symmetrically contracted or asymmetrically contracted. 1 Symmetrically Contracted Pelvis A symmetrically contracted pelvis is one with all its diameters reduced by 1-2 cm.

The sacrum is usually concave anteriorly but may be straight or convex. Fig. 21. (a) Anthropoid pelvis; (b) Gynecoid pelvis; (c) Platypelloid pelvis; (d) Android pelvis Pelvic Landmarks, Development of the Pelvis XI. Visible and Palpable Parts of the Pelvis The following points on the pelvis are easily palpated: - The spinous process of the last lumbar vertebra The median sacral crest The coccyx and its tip The posterior superior iliac spine, located by means of a small depression at the lateral angle of the sacral rhomboid The iliac crest The anterior superior iliac spine The pubic tubercle and the upper margin of the symphysis pubis The anterior surface of the symphysis pubis and the subpubic angle The ischial tuberosity The ischial spine The promontory of the sacrum, palpable through the relaxed abdominal wall The anterior surface of the coccyx, palpable via the rectum The lateral walls of the pelvis and the linea terminalis The inguinal, sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments The greater trochanter of the femur XII.

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