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Utilized Magic is a variety of writings at the useful functions of magical and occult options. features of Occultism covers specifics of the Western secret culture.

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The Three Kinds of Reality Unless we realize the difference between the Cosmos and the Universe, we shall never achieve a true understanding of esoteric philosophy. This point is an exceedingly important one, for it marks the distinction between those who know how to interpret the symbol systems and those who do not. The concept is not an easy one to grasp, but we will try to convey it as simply as possible, for many important practical points arise out of it For all practical purposes our solar system is a closed unit.

Some explanation is necessary to make this concept clear, and we shall understand it best if we survey the means by which elementals come into being. Each epoch of evolution is constituted by the outgoing and return of a live-wave of living souls. These are referred to in esoteric terminology as the Lords of Flame, of Form, and of Mind. The present evolution will become the Lords of Humanity. Each life-wave develops its characteristic contribution to evolution. When the Divine Sparks which constituted the nuclei of the evolving souls of each evolution are withdrawn back up the planes and reabsorbed into the Kingdom of God, their work remains behind them in that which they have builded, whether it be the chemical elements evolved by the Lords of Flame, or the reactions of consciousness evolved by the Lords of Mind.

At the last, all the kingdoms of the earth and below the earth shall be redeemed. Our Lord went to preach to the spirits in prison to redeem them. They are simply misplaced force, which when returned to its proper place, ceases to be evil. The adept may not curse the devils; he must replace them to equilibrate them. The adept never speaks of hell, but of the kingdoms of unbalanced force The Tree of Life enables us to travel about on the thirty-rwo paths, which are distinct and well-trodden ways and the adept moves about among the Elemental beings with accuracy, and knows where he is; he can maintain his equilibrium.

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