Arcana V: Musicians on Music, Magic & Mysticism by John Zorn PDF

By John Zorn

ISBN-10: 0978833791

ISBN-13: 9780978833794

For hundreds of years musicians have tapped into mysticism, magic and alchemy, embracing ritual, spell, incantation and prayer, and experimenting with esoteric techniques to concord, pitch and vibration. In contemporary many years, avant-garde musicians have rediscovered those overlaps, as occultism has reinvented itself--through Buddhist and different Asian affects, Thelema and Chaos Magic--to accommodate cultural lines from psychedelica via Punk and commercial track. This particular variation of John Zorn's a lot acclaimed Arcana sequence specializes in the mystical points of the act of creating track. Neither historic review nor musicological examine, it illuminates the sympathies among track and the esoteric culture with assistance from cutting-edge most interesting experimental musicians and occultists. between those are William Breeze, Gavin Bryars, Alvin Curran, Fred Frith, Sharon Gannon, Larkin Grimm, William Kiesel, Yusef Lateef, Frank London, Meredith Monk, Mark Nauseef, Pauline Oliveros, Genesis P-Orridge, Terry Riley, David Toop, Greg Wall, Peter Lamborn Wilson and Z'ev.

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