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By David Williams

ISBN-10: 0875428827

ISBN-13: 9780875428826

Reviewed within the Wall road magazine, this ebook demonstrates how astrology can be utilized to forecast company and industry job. Written via a former supervisor for a brand new York application corporation, this booklet has been publicly lauded through a few agents.

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He shall lord over them. , he was convinced that it was from the Egyptians that the Greeks had obtained their notions and beliefs of the gods; writing for his countrymen, he employed the names of Greek gods to describe the comparable Egyptian deities. His conviction of the Egyptian origin of Greek theology stemmed not only from comparable attributes and meanings of the gods' names, but also (and mostly) from similarities in the tales concerning them. Of these, one uncanny parallel certainly must have struck him as no mere coincidence: it was the tale of the castration of one god by another in a struggle for supremacy.

Heat engulfed the dark-blue seas; And through the fire from the Monster, and the scorching winds and blazing Thunderbolt, the whole Earth seethed, and sky and sea. Great waves raged along the beaches . . And there arose an endless shaking. In the Lower World, "Hades trembled where he ruled": tremble did the Titans imprisoned at the ends of earth. " The bolt "burned all the marvelous heads of the monster, all that were around him"; and Typhoeus crashed down to earth in his marvelous contraption: 58 THE WARS OF GODS AND MEN When Zeus had vanquished h i m and lashed him with his strokes, Typhoeus was hurled down a maimed wreck.

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