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The Babylonian tamitu texts are a corpus of questions addressed to the sun-god Shamash and the storm-god Adad together. expert diviners have been hired to place the questions with the right rites and to formulate the wording accurately, because the basically resolution will be "yes" or "no." hence the questions needed to comprise a close exposition of the problem, and so they open up intimate glances of items now not in a different way on hand. Kings ask whether or not they may still adopt a definite crusade, laying out a close course of action. on the different finish of the dimensions, a guy desires to be aware of even if his spouse is telling him the reality. All pills are of first millennium B.C. date, even though a number of the questions date from the second one millennium B.C. Scribes copied out inquiries to function versions for later use.

during this quantity W.G. Lambert has collected jointly all of the identified fabric, together with fifty four pills and fragments no longer formerly released. All are given in cuneiform reproduction, transliteration, translation, with notes and an advent. by way of some distance the larger a part of this fabric has no longer been edited before.

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Should he call up ... should] he direct ... should he go [to defeat]' pillage and plunder · .. ] . or fever · .. ] .. · .. ] . should they do/make. · .. ] his .. [ . ] I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 (trace) [Gap of perhaps about NO·4 e I 20 lines] DT 144, Reverse 1-5 [ .. ] . . [ . . 2 his goods, his property, [his] gods ... 3 [ .. ] .. to the owner of [this] dark woollen fringe [.. 4 the mind of the owner of this dark wollen fringe [.. 5 A tamftu concerning. [... NO·5 NO·5 A Question to Samas and Adad concerning a military campaign K 2608+2633+3101b+3435 This is a wide, short tablet with a single tamUu, from the library of Nabu-zuqup-kena, an eminent Neo-Assyrian scribe under the reigns of Sargon II and Sennacherib.

Safely to Babylon from which he set out? 3 I ... [ ... 70 7 ina ni~is dmarutuk belf~su rU1 d[x x x x x x x x x] x ina tu~ub~ba~a~[ti x x (x)] ip~tu~ru~us itti ummanatmes den~W dsamas u dmarutuk 8 sa qa~b[i x x (x)] x x x rUdl~ki~su~nu~ti~m[a x x x xl x sa du ni~i[r~su UH~~batJma ~il~miHa~su Us~te~Srr 9 [itti ummanati]mes an~na~a~ti abul babiU(tin. q narati 10 mes u su~ra~a~nu rma~la1 is~si~ra~nis~su U~te~bir rik~si u ~H~i x x x x x x x x] x (x) e~lu~ti u sapluti (ki. sag) mu[r~~i x x x x x x x] ina lum~n su~ru~up~pu~u u ~ur~ba~a~su si~bu sa sadf!

X x [... * * * * * I 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 [Samas, lord] of the judgment, [Adad, lord of the inspection], [should so]-and-so, owner of this dark woollen fringe, from the [... day ... [up to thel30th day at the end of this month, in the presence of [your great divinity ... ]. should a wanderer . [... ] .... should they keep going [... ] its ... in its tracks in .. [... ]. in a pit should. [... I I . . ] .. [ .. ] . should they stay [... I2 (traces) * * * * * 57 Babylonian Oracle Questions 58 K 2556, Reverse Ill: 1-21 (Plate 24) K 1217I+13291+DT 93, Reverse IV: 22-40 (Plate 23) NO·3 K 2556, Reverse III K I2I7I+1329I+DT 93, Reverse IV K 14776 NO·3e K 14776: 22-27 (Plate 24) I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 IS 16 17 18 19 20 2 I 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 3I 32 33 34 ...

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