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By Geraldine Cummins

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During this sequel to the line to Immortality, Geraldine Cummins maintains to relay messages from a deceased entity purporting to be the eminent psychologist and psychical researcher, F. W. H. Myers. In her earlier publication Myers spoke concerning the states of being we discover ourselves after actual loss of life, and now he expands on those subject matters explaining how those states are an accumulation of our concepts, thoughts, and activities - a made up international in case you like, made through us - a aircraft of phantasm. the following, we create our personal Hell, our personal Purgatory, and our personal Paradise, now not a few judgmental God in a white gown. As Myers issues out: "Out of the stories of earth the soul creates his atmosphere, builds, via his mind's eye, the specific dream, the primal item of his appetites or wants in this nation of Illusion." Like a father or mother guiding a baby, Myers does not pass judgement on, yet he urges us to contemplate a lifestyles except gold - a existence with no materialism. He talks largely approximately reincarnation, judgment, the family members staff, and specifically, the seven planes of life; seven speeds of vibration, the seven so-called-realities that the majority folks will adventure ahead of we cross into timelessness, Eternity, Heaven, Nirvana - name it what you are going to. On Jesus, he has this to claim: "Jesus of Nazareth used to be Son of God simply because He descended to earth, and, emerging back, undergone all of the seven degrees of cognizance, achieving with out enable or main issue, to union with the author. It was once no longer important for Him to exist on those quite a few planes in the numerous worlds created via the traveling souls. For already He was once very God, already He had that religious energy which enabled Him to carry the entire universes in the take hold of of His recognition, inside of an all-embracing love."

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They make objects and surroundings perceptible to the newly dead and, at the same time, they sustain and promote—in some manner I do not understand—the life of this pervading ether, and thereby, the life of the etheric bodies of all 35 creatures endowed with a psyche who have passed from earth. Our etheric bodies depend for their nourishment on these cosmic rays and there are times set apart for the recharging of the etheric being with life. Such periods have some analogy to sleep and the mind puts up its shutters, withdraws from contact with other minds when the discarnate being on the Third plane desires to replenish his nature so that he may function in greater awareness and with a refreshed soul.

She imaged it in her mind and so was able to appear in a familiar likeness. There was between her and Professor and Mrs. Fenwick a strong and permanent bond. They had, in a previous life, some intimate relationship; the mere fact of death, though it might temporarily dim recollection, could not break this tie. " Within this place, upon this level, conscious memory does not function. The double or sleep-body is connected, however, with the record of this experience in the case of the parents. In the case of the daughter the experience is registered on her deeper memory.

Some make little progress, but may eventually be rescued by other souls within their Group and be led thus out of reach of harm from the baleful fires of their own natures. In certain cases salvation is only obtained through the actual destruction of a part of this soul's imagination, of, indeed, those scenes of evil which furnish it; and, with their suggestion, renew and feed afresh the sadistic streak that darkens the man's nature. You may now perceive how vital is the creative activity within each human being, how it is indeed the very core of self, and prepares and builds up a life 44 beyond a life, circumstance and happening for the unborn babe, either in the world beyond death, or again on this earth.

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