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By Vinzenz Ziswiler (auth.)

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Air Pollution Air pollution began with the shattering volcanic explosions and untamed conflagrations of a young earth. Later man's first campfires made their contribution. But the earth and its life have always been able to survive the natural forms of air pollution, and man has always managed to exist in his own forms of pollution-at least until recently. The rapid growth of population and industry over the past 150 years has altered man's attitude of peaceful coexistence with his waste products.

Once settled in South Africa, the Boer farmers shot every animal that ran before their rifles, and it is not difficult to imagine that these species were murdered to the last individual. Indirect extermination also provides opportunities for the total destruction of an animal population. For instance, the felling of a large forest area inhabited by a specialized animal form incapable of adapting to any other area, would destroy every member of that group. If all the forests of Madagascar are ever felled, the last of the free living, unique, lower primates of this island will disappear.

Bearded vulture at its eyrie. From F. Tschudi's "Das Thierleben der Alpenwelt," 1875. 53 54 Extinct and Vanishing Animals Fig. 45. European wildcat. Picture from the archives Schweizerischer Bund fur Naturschutz. of the stages of industrialization brought expansive disruption and destruction of the landscape with them. On the other hand, concern for the fate of the wildlife was increasing. A general understanding of nature and a philosophy of conservation began to develop; man had become aware of his responsibilities.

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